On location in Malibu.

"Save this, one day I'll be famous."

That's how I signed my prints in high school.  If you are so fortunate as to be in possession of one of my desperately seeking Surrealism prints from that time I recommend you hold onto it.

After college I moved from Atlanta to Dallas, where I had the pleasure of working with the esteemed Geof Kern as his studio manager and first assistant.  From there I went on to be a represented photographer through the Manny Rodriguez studio, one of the finest photographers in the world, and someone who continues to inspire me.  8 years ago I moved to Los Angeles, where I work as a commercial photographer shooting product and fashion.

I graduated with degrees in Fine Art concentrating in Photography and Communications focused on Film and Broadcasting in 1999.  Since that time I have made my living taking pictures, and instructing others on the technical points of lighting, cameras, and software. 

Currently serving as a product photographer for Nordstrom, Los Angeles, CA.